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Destination Science kids (ages 5 - 11) enjoy those “Aha!” moments! STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) learning is more important than ever before. In fact, it’s a national movement. Start your child’s journey this summer by heading toward Destination Science!

100 Camp Locations in CA, NY, WA, TX & FL Enroll by March 1st & Save $90/wk or $400 off 4 weeks!

2013 Topics:
The Ultimate Survival Zone: Use super cool science to create and train your very own electric powered walking of nature’s most awesome survivors. Will your chameleon be adapted to run fast or blend in with it’s surroundings? Only you can answer that question. Challenge your survivor skills each day as you conduct science experiments using fun tools & toys to overcome exploding volcanoes, falling from a skyscraper & wild winds. After lunch, explore the ultimate survivor...YOU! Find out about the amazing ways your body keeps you alive! In this camp make scabs & pus, grow a life-size model of your powerful brain, extract & take home your very own DNA in a bottle & track your fruit roll-up from mouth to exit. The Ultimate Survival Zone has it all...All it needs is you!

Wacky Mega-Bot Tech: Introducing our biggest bot ever, standing over 12 inches high & able to rollover obstacles using its powerful rubber treading. This amazing mega-bot needs one thing though…a creator! Build & power up your personal robot to be your companion, then join us in our ultra fun robo-rally where we parade, race & battle for cool prizes. Get energized as we explore alternative energy sources to power up our favorite gizmos & gadgets. Plus, take a voyage to uncover microscope mysteries, write messages that disappear with light & lasers, see the incredible strength of a swimming magnet and cool off with a bladeless fan! Is it magic or super cool science?

Astronaut Adventure Camp: Calling all future Astronauts & Adventurous Explorers! Space, the final frontier, is now open to everyone! Before you blast off, you’ll want to go through astronaut training! Build & launch a real rocket, uncover the secrets of living in space, eat astronaut food, conduct fun space experiments, and construct a life-size replica of the International Space Station. After lunch, create your very own solar powered space mobile! At Astronaut Adventure Camp, you can golf to the planets, make a real comet, create a biome you can eat, and become a far-out flier in our All-Camp Air Show.

Crazy Coaster Science & Sea-fari Park! Destination Science is going vertical! Welcome to our Fun Park, where you become a crazy coaster scientist! Each day, build and experiment with your very own gravity-defying roller coaster that you take home. Add a flashin’ light up carnival, a cosmic bowling alley, raging water sprayers and more to make your Fun Park spectacular. Later, explore the biggest ecosystem on Earth; touch a sea star, create your own seashell collection & experience monster thrills as you come face-to-face with a real it a predator or prey? We’ll be waiting to greet you at the Fun Park!

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  • 06/01/2013
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  • 100 Locations: CA,NY,WA,TX,FL


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